Sailing Holiday in Greece VS Hotel Holiday.

Sailing Holiday in Greece VS Hotel Holiday.
Top Reasons to Choose a Sailing Holiday over a Hotel!

It was 1661 when King Charles II took to sailing on the Thames River purely for recreational purposes, establishing the activity as a leisure pursuit as opposed to simply a mode of transport. Vacationing on a yacht has long been associated with a life of luxury, wealth and power. But in the past decade the price of such holidays have dropped significantly, making what was once an activity for the few, far more accessible.

It is difficult for people with no previous sailing experience, to believe that they can rent a sailing boat, at such affordable price, almost equal for staying at a middle budget hotel. In that way they can enhance the quality of their vacation by reacting with nature and being part of a magical scenery.

In this article we can see in many ways how sailing vacation is better than staying at hotels in the Greek islands and stave off boredom of traditional vacation lifestyle.

The Scenery

sailing scenery
The view from a hotel’s room will never be such perfect as it is onboard. Imagine this: Your skipper calls you up on deck as your private yacht floats into a picturesque island cove for the afternoon. You lay back on the deck as the warm sun sets over the sea and the glowing beach below presents the backdrop for the night ahead. You close your eyes and listen to the soft slapping of the waves on the side of your yacht, and you can smell a delicious seafood dinner cooking in the kitchen. It’s the most perfect moment, and one that’s impossible to recreate when staying in a hotel.

Travel In Style

sailing travel in style
Which sounds better: spending your days cruising from island to island, diving into clear blue water and bathing in the warm sunshine on deck, or lugging your bags through hot and sweaty public transport, hiring rental cars and each day having to pack and repack your already bulging suitcase? Traveling on your own private boat is a completely relaxing experience, and each day you’ll feel glamorous, comfortable and totally carefree.

Explore More

sailing explore more
The destinations that you can access are many more compared to staying in a hotel. A sailing holiday allows you to discover much more than you would by staying at a hotel. A new beach, cove or bay every day. In the hotel case if you do not have rent any means of transport will be difficult to see many beaches or sight seeings. You will probably need to visit constantly the same nearby. When sailing along the coast, you can visit more small vilages, plus new beaches, bays or coves everyday, without worrying about expenses or having to trek back to the hotel. Imagine the thrill of exploring the Greek islands by sea! You can spend every afternoon on a new beach and spend every night in a different location.

Relax Better

sailing hollidays greece
With the development of the technology, it is really getting difficult for anybody to get away from it all. Out at the seas, you will surely have less desire to use cell phones, laptops and other office-gadgets. Consequently, it is a good chance for anybody to escape from the daily routine and monotony.

It Is Not Expensive

sailing greece aegean
If you think a sailing vacation is a costly affair and completely out of your reach, think again. Renting a boat is more affordable than ever. Hotels are extremely expensive during the high seasons, so if you’re going on a summer vacation with your friends or family, the cost of sailing during the same time will usually be significantly less. Plus, when you consider all the hidden charges and extra costs associated with traveling by land, your total price adds up quickly. But when booking a boat, most of your costs are already taken care of.

Chartering your own boat gives you the freedom to explore the intimate beaches, small ocean coves and the dense forests and streams that lace many coastlines, all on your own time. No dusty hotel rooms or bad hotel breakfasts; just you, the sea, sun and endless possibilities.